The following items below are prohibited to be sold on the Geeweez website. This is to ensure the safety of all members on the website and the public at large and in accordance with the laws and regulations of Jamaica.

Geeweez reserves the right to remove any such items we feel that do not adhere Geeweez ethos.

ADULTS ONLY – no adult entertainment or sex toys are allowed on Geeweez.

ALCOHOL – not to be sold due to age restrictions and licensing laws.

ANIMALS – of any kind or animal parts.

COUNTERFEIT, REPLICA AND TRADEMARKED ITEMS – Counterfeits, unauthorised replicas or unauthorised copies are not permitted on Geeweez. Unauthorised copies include (but are not limited to) copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up or bootlegged.
If the product you’re selling bears the name or logo of a company, but it wasn’t made or endorsed by that company, do not post it on the Geeweez website.

DISCRIMINATORY ITEMS – Those items that discriminate anyone based on their race, religion and/or sexual orientation

DRUGS AND DRUG PARAPHERNALIA – including prescription drugs (including over the counter items) or items which sole use is to consume drugs.

E-TICKETS, DOMAIN NAMES AND ONLINE ACCOUNTS – We class e-tickets, domain names and online accounts as digital products which are not transferable to the new owner via this website.

FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION – we do not allow the listing of guns, ammunition, airguns, replica guns and silencers, even if they are legally available.
We also do not allow paintball guns or paintball paraphernalia.


FOOD – No perishable items of any kind.

FUEL – Not allowed the listing of any type of fuel and or gasoline.


HUMAN PARTS, REMAINS AND SERVICES – Any human body parts which include, but are not limited to: organs, bone, blood, waste, sperm and eggs etc.
We also do not allow surrogacy, fertility or donor services.



SECURITY TAG REMOVAL ITEMS – We do not allow the sale of items or links to items that encourage, promote or facilitate illegal activities.

STOLEN ITEMS – The sale of stolen property on our site is strictly prohibited and we’ll do everything we can to support the police in bringing about the successful conviction of any offenders.
Given this we also do not allow blocked phones or no signal phones on our site.

SUPPLEMENTS – It is illegal to sell any supplements containing DMAA.

TOBACCO AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS – Tobacco is controlled by law. Cigarettes, cigars or loose tobacco are not allowed on Geeweez.

UNLOCKING SOFTWARE – to help “unlock” any electrical items is not allowed to be sold on Geeweez.

USED UNDERWEAR – The sale of used underwear (briefs, knickers, thongs, boxer shorts, nappies etc) is not permitted on Geeweez.

VIRTUAL MERCHANDISE AND PRODUCTS – We do not allow the sale of virtual products or merchandise on our site. This is mainly due to the licensing agreements in place with the providers of such products.

WEAPONS & KNIVES – of any type that can harm, injur or kill somebody is strictly forbidden on the Geeweez website.

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