When an individual or business has something to sell no matter what the size or quantity is, they must register an account online via the Geeweez website. This form is simple and outlines key fields to fill in, including company name and registration number, bank details, as well as address, account holder name and contact details etc.

The seller can either do this themselves by following online instructions or visit our Geeweez branches where our customer representatives will assist. Either way a subscription fee will have to be paid depending on the amount of items that you wish to list.

Subscription fees comes under three specific packages –

  • GUEST ( FREE membership, 30 products)
  • SILVER (£50 for 12 months, 75 products, 2 hours training, email support)
  • GOLD (£100 for 12 months, Unlimited products, 2 hours training, online support)

A special Geeweez package will be available for those sellers who wish to sell more than 100 items. You will need to speak to a Geeweez representative regarding this.

The Geeweez subscription fee lasts for a period of 12 months.

Please bear in mind that if an item sells, then Geeweez will charge a final value fee which is 10% off the total transaction cost which also includes the postage and packaging cost.

Buyers do not have to register their details or subscribe online unless they are also going to sell. Every buyer can purchase any of the items listed on the Geeweez website and can pay using the traditional payment methods including debit/credit cards, cash or Paypal.

Cash payments can be made by simply visiting any of our Geeweez branches which can be located via our website. At the branch you will need to let the Geeweez sales representative know the item you wish to purchase including the item number. Once payment has been successfully made you will receive a receipt outlining the same item details and that you have paid in full. The buyer will be notified of the estimated delivery date either by phone or text message. The buyer will also inform the representative of their chosen branch where they wish the item to be delivered.

Geeweez will also have a promotional page, where community organisers can advertise and inform the wider public, about upcoming festivals and major events in all areas.

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