Below are some useful tips on how to get the best out of your selling process on Please do take a moment to have a look at our short tutorial video’s to help give best start on

Seller Support:

Step 1. The sign up process for a Seller:
The sign up process is very simple and it is important that you pick the best package for you.


Step 2. Setting up your seller account:
It is important that all setters fill in as much information as possible, to get the best selling experience.



Step 3. Default shipping for all products
As a seller you can apply a default shipping method to all your products uploaded.


Step 4. Seller products upload
It is very easy to add your products for sale, just take a few moments to review the tutorial on how to get the best out of every product you upload.

Step 5. Orders and approvals
Once a customer has purchased your product it is very easy to approve the order and process it for dispatch.


Step 6. Seller withdrawing payment from a sale
Once a product as been sold, GeeWeez has made it easy for you to withdraw your payment from the sale. Please do take a moment to fully understand this process as think will all agree it is the most important part of any sale. We always advise our sellers to await conformation from GeezWeez once a order has been place to make sure the fully payment for your transaction has been made to GeeWeez.



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