We at Geeweez have come up with an innovative way for local businesses or individual entrepreneurs to buy and sell online.

This new and exciting online platform will allow everyone including the geographically hard-to-reach market, the opportunity to sell and buy items quickly and efficiently and within the comfort of their own home without stress.

Not only will buyers be able to purchase goods using standard payment methods online, but allowing them to visit located Geeweez branches and pay in cash for an item they see on the website. Purchasers do not have to have an account, they can simply see the item, get its particular item code and take it to a Geeweez branch and make a transaction.

In doing so, Geeweez will expand, improve and change the way the internet is being used today, by simply not discriminating anyone with how they chose to sell/buy – whether it is online or face-to-face. Geeweez will always be committed to giving everyone the same global reach when it comes to buying and selling – to sell, buy and advertise and build better community relations.

To highlight, the Geeweez brand;

  • Will provide customers a rich, interactive shopping experience;
  • Will offer an accessible website that is entertaining to surf – like a trip to your favourite store where you always find something exciting.
  • Differentiates from other online websites in that Geeweez will have specific located branches where all users can have access to buy items!
  • Will help users build excellent relationships that will facilitate easy selling/buying and quick shipment/receipt of orders.
  • Will have dedicated, motivated and friendly promotional customer service staff.
  • Geeweez will be recognised straight-away by its sign-posts which will be displayed throughout locally.

We at Geeweez see everyone that uses the internet as a user and not just a viewer – so lets sell smart buy easy!

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